Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TASTE TEST: random restaurant review

(Okay I know we normally feature a recipe of some sort, but since I'm deathly ill (well I just have bronchitis) the kitchen is off limits to me. I'll be posting a restaurant review instead. It's still food! )

NOLA's in Pittsburgh on the square. If you've never been to Pittsburgh all you have to ask the locals is where the square is, they'll know what you're talking about and lead you in the right direction! NOLA's features a cajun and New Orleans styled cuisine, so if you like spicy cajun southern cooking you've hit the jackpot! Everything about my mother and I's experience here from the food to admiring the decor gets 5 stars from us! Our waitress was this adorably sweet gal who was very attentive and very helpful in choosing menu items. Even though we had one waitress, we noticed that the staff worked sort of as a team when things got busy. A very handsome tall glass of water would take our plates, a sweet sassy funny girl with bring us our food, and another totally hipster looking chick took our check. It was actually kind of like watching a choreographed dance number at times. 

The portions were crazy big! These are only our appetizers. My mom ordered the fried green tomatoes while I got the bowl of gumbo. Both were real tasty, well okay I wasn't too crazy about the fried green tomatoes, but I never am.

For my main entree I ordered jambalaya. Again such a huge portion, but very delicious. If you like fish and spicy andouille expect extremely fat pieces. 

For desert I ordered their beignets. I don't have real New Orleans ones to go off of, but these were so fluffy and flavorful. They came with three different sorbet flavors. 

My mom ordered the peach cobbler. The presentation of it was spectacular. We have a difference of opinion about it though. She didn't like it because there wasn't enough fruit in it for her liking, I did like it because of that reason. So if you don't like your cobblers overly fruity there you go. Over all we had a great time and plan to return. 



  1. Omg looks yum- I've never had food like that before, southern food is not really something you find in the UK- maybe London but I wouldn't think anywhere else. I've always wanted to try jambalaya because it has a cool name lol. Maybe I will attempt my own some time! x

  2. Oh my goodness you gotta try it!! My dad makes really spicy gumbo in the summer it's great! I'm planning on learning how to make it soon, so stay tuned for a taste test featuring the recipe!

    1. Ooh brill a recipe would be amazing! x