Sunday, July 22, 2012

PETFO: Bunny Haul!

I went to my local pet store to get some toys for my rabbits since the toys there are much more reasonably priced than at large chain stores, yet bedding, hay, and food is cheaper at the larger chain stores. I wanted to try out new toys for my rabbits that they have not tried yet, so here's a mini-review of the results!

 Kabob & Bites. 
 This is an apartment warming present for my rabbits once they get to their new cage, I'll update the review on this one once they actually try it!
Green Nibblers. 
 LOVE. They're reasonably priced, and they don't last longer than a week with my two buns. I wanted an alternative chew toy for them since they were not to thrilled with the apple sticks, so the nibblers are great.

 Timothy Carrot Chew Toy.
 This is a great, and reasonably priced chew toy that the rabbits loved to drag around. The top half of the carrot is already gone, so they're going to need a new one soon.

Oxbow Timothy Hay.
 I recently switched to Oxbow Timothy hay after researching that it was MUCH better and healthier than Kaytee Timothy Hay. They just love it! 

 Twig Ball.
 At first my mother thought this was one of her centerpieces for our kitchen since they look identical. The Twig Ball is one of my favorites and has a little nut inside that makes the ball jingle when it rolls. The rabbits loved chewing it, but it was completely destroyed in a matter of days. 

 Cat Litter Box.
 Litter boxes sold for bunnies are typically small which doesn't help my very large rabbit at all. I invested in getting a high backed cat litter box which has been AMAZING in eliminating the litter box mess that my rabbits have. Oscar tends do dig a lot, and when he does, the litter and hay in the litter box doesn't get everywhere anymore.

Twig Tunnel. 
 I just had to try it out, if anything it'll just become a big chew toy. My rabbits don't typically like going IN things, and so far they've tossed it around and chewed on it, so not bad.


Rabbit Condo
- Bunny

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