Sunday, July 1, 2012

PETFO: To keep or not to keep?

Last week, my dad found this little guy on our driveway and mistook him for Perry, so he picked him up and brought him inside. Yikes! I know! Poor guy, he was most likely sunbathing, just trying to enjoy these humid heat waves in peace. At first, I wanted to keep him. Look at that shell, it's gorgeous! I quickly came to my senses though, realizing that trying to keep a wild animal no matter what species is never a good idea or fair unless they were in danger. We released him shortly after, but to our surprise we discovered that his home is actually in my mom's garden! So I guess I don't have to say goodbye to him just yet. He's an Eastern Box turtle, which is actually a really common turtle species to find in Maryland and the US for that matter. They are also really common first time turtle pets! I am in the market for a playmate for Perry.


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  1. Omg you guys get turtles IN THE WILD? It never occured to me that they would just be roaming about people's gardens- I always thought they lived on islands & things. So cool! x