Sunday, July 8, 2012

PETFO: Tortoise TLC

Now that it's summer, I can finally let Perry wonder around my back and front yard. I try to get him outside for a few hours every day. The challenge is having to keep a watchful eye on him, so he doesn't sneak away. Natural sunlight is so important for tortoise and turtle shells, it can be hard to give them access to it if your area doesn't provide temperatures they can sustain in normally, but if it does get warm where you are try and get your tortoise or turtle outside for a bit, but BE CAREFUL, they may try and runaway! When Perry's outside I'll feed him, let him snack on dandelions when he finds them, and force some swim time on him. He's not always a fan of his pool, which I fashioned out a bird bath I bought from a Lowes hardware store, but on really hot days I think he enjoys it most. I even like to give him strawberries as an extra little bonus. I've been trying to introduce more variety into his diet. I'll post about his diet soon.


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