Saturday, July 28, 2012

SATURDAY DIME: Our goals for Adventures!

1.) Finalize our custom layout:

  • We have several ideas and plans in the works for what we want our layout to consist of, and we've been sadly putting it on the back burner. It's time to dust the plans off and kick this blog's drab layout in shape. We're getting a banner! Stay tuned for the banner story, our good friend Sarah is whipping it up for us.   

2.) Improve our content:

  • This means honing in on the message and purpose we want for our blog. We really want to create a blog that is visually stimulating, and telling a story through our photos, words, and tutorials.   

3.) Grow our readership:

  • In our blog's first month the support has been surprisingly great. We want nothing but more! We know in order to do that we have to be just as good blog readers as we are blog creators. 

4.) Continue to grow support for natural hair:

  • One of the main themes for our blog is supporting black women who have chosen to gone natural with their hair since we both have too. We plan to really get down and dirty about discussing what works for us, how we found our regimens, and all the ups and downs of our hair journeys. 

5.) Be more personable but not too personal:

  • This blog is not only about tutorials and hair care. And we plan to show more of our lifestyles, but in ways that aren't a turn offs. 

6.) Establish strong blog relationships with other blogs:

  • We've noticed we've made a few friends in our first month (ahem Sam) and we plan to keep those relationships going and really build strong ones. Something bloggers do is collaborate with one another and guest post and we'd be totally down for something like that down the line.

7.) Encourage our trades (i.e. cooking, crafting, photography, and design)

  • This blog has become a strong motivator for us to create! We're so excited to have excuses to make things, take more photos, learn how to cook, and even pick up new hobbies and skills.

8.) Always be a daily blog:

  • We don't want to ever leave you guys in the dark. We know things will get busy when the school year kicks up for us, but we promise to always update daily. We've already started some adjusting, notice there's only one list today. We plan to really sit down and plan out our blog posts a few weeks out.

9.) Create the blog we want to see:

  • Our mission behind this blog is to showcase the life of two young black girls who are keeping up with school, prevailing in their creative endeavors, sharpening skills, growing as individuals, and having the time of their life being young and fancy free. Also while helping people in similar places to us adjust, find their fitting, and connect. 

10.) Entertain and amuse:

  • Above all our goal is to create a space that is entertaining and amusing. We want you to laugh with us (or at us), and share with us your experiences in moving out, going through college, getting internships, starting careers, love and relationship drama, and anything on your hearts. 
~Hold us to it! Bunny & Turtle

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  1. Lol omg did I just get a shoutout? haha amazing that just made me a bit giddy thanks guys!

    Love this list- I need to do this too in order to keep myself focused- I am rubbish at connecting with other blogs, I have only really done it with a few, you guys included, but then I really like the content to be good quality & jump out at me before I do that. Plus I am a total slacker when it comes to frequent posting! x