Saturday, July 7, 2012

SATURDAY DIME: Kay's movie list

Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I never get sick of this movie! I love the whole philosophy of just knowing when enough is enough and sometimes you just need to get out and play. Back in high school I'm so guilty of taking Ferris Bueller days...everyone needs them. All jokes aside this movie helps put things in perspective, life really doesn't have to be as serious as people make it, and sometimes we do need to just take the time to slow down and smell the roses.

Strangers on a Train. I love Alfred Hitchcock films! I mean who doesn't though? They're great. If I had to pick a favorite (which is like picking a favorite child for me) I'd have to say it's this one. Something about an innocent adorable guy that picks up a creepy stalker friend on a strain that really does it for me. 

The Lady from Shanghai. Since we're pretty much already on the topic of suspense, I guess I'll break out the grandmother the ever wonderful film noir. Out of all of the noir I've seen this one is my favorite. Rita is drop dead gorgeous no wonder she makes for a compelling femme fatale. The story in this film is extremely fast paced, sexy, and will leave you picking sides. Great performances from everyone! And don't even get me started on the fashion! 

It. This is an adorable 1920's silent film about a shopgirl that tries to save her friend's baby, keep her apartment, manage her reputation, all while trying to impress and prove to a big wig department store owner that she has what it takes to be an it girl. 

Bill Cunningham New York. This is a great and compelling documentary about one of the world's greatest fashion/lifestyle/cityscape photographers! This film circles around Bill, and how he leads his life behind when the camera is down, yet he never puts it down! It's also really inspirational to see how happy his art makes him and his crazy circle of close knit friends. All they have is each other and their art. He's also comically probably one of the least fashionable people in the fashion industry! 

Waiting for Guffman (and all their movies). This movie never fails to crack me up! I love a good mockumentary especially if it's about crappy community theater. I'm laughing just thinking about Libby and the crew.

3:10 to Yuma old and new. Bad ass western right there! Enough said. But seriously, the story of these films is really neat because it's from the villain's perspective and it really helps you better understand how and why someone can land themselves in the position that they end up in. Really hammers in the point that no one is all one way. 

Idlewild. I'm a sucker for black arts and period pieces...but those two together and I'm sold! This such a unique film, it's beautifully shot, the music is amazing, the story will pull at the heart strings, and above all else it's just great southern bootlegging fun! 

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Oh boy this so HOT! I have no words for how sexy this film is. All I can say is if you were Liz Taylor and your man was Paul Newman and he wasn't giving it up to you anymore (excuse my french) you'd totally understand her predicament. I felt for her so strongly. Despite how hot the cast is, the film is great! GREAT!

School Daze. Oh Spike Lee...I had to pick between this one or Do the Right Thing. I chose this one! It's less preachy, but still brings up some serious racial topics, and I guess I can relate because my mom forced me to watch it before I entered college and it takes place in college. This film is also really fun and kind of strange at times, but it's pretty quality. 

...That was harder than I though.


  1. Wow I haven't seen a bunch of these, love Ferris Bueller obv, & Strangers on a Train is one of my faves. And I LOVE film noir but have never seen The Lady from Shanghai. Flip, I have a lot of films to add to my list then- love this post! x

  2. The Lady from Shanghai is an awesome one! And Yey another Hicthcock fan!!