Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 The seaweed is optional, but I love the taste! You can find the seaweed (also called nori) and the special sticky rice (also called sushi rice) at your local supermarket or organic market.

Special Note: Be sure to re-package any unused seaweed or it gets stale very quickly! A Ziplock bag will do just fine.

 TIP: The rice will burn if you let it boil too long so as soon as it starts to bubble over be sure to put on low heat!

 I like it when my tuna is a light brown with a few crispy spots.

 This tip is super important! Many times I was slowed down by massive clumps of sticky rice on my hands xD

 Seaweed is optional, but I just love how it tastes.

The onigiri are best served at room temperature, but you can put them in the refrigerator for preservation and wait for it to get to room temperature if you would like to eat them at a different time!

Happy Eating!