Sunday, July 22, 2012

PETFO: Curving your cat's curious climbing

Sinatra's appetite for exploring has grown as quickly as he has. We find him everywhere! The dining room table, nightstands, hampers, desks you name it. As mesmerizing as it can be to watch him climb on to and around all of these things, this behavior isn't always safe for him or us i.e. the tabletops. A cat's curious tendencies is in their nature so how to do your curve it? Easy!

We had to start to designating things and rooms he can climb around in. For instances, my bedroom is free game and he has come to understand that. He's not allowed in the dining room anymore (which he's still grasping). We had to have consistent enforcement in telling him "no" whenever he climbed onto something he wasn't allowed to. 

He really does not like water and will get the point pretty quick once a spray bottle is brought into the picture. Now, the big thing is because climbing is in a cat's nature they need to be able to get it out somehow if not on your furniture. So investing cat towers or allowing them a room like my bedroom or our screened in porch will help with training immensely. Any tips, questions, or stories? Feel free to drop a line in the comments!


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