Monday, July 23, 2012

Guess who's 21?

I'm finally legal! At first I didn't want to do anything since my birthday fell on a Tuesday, I know how lame is that. You're supposed to get like black out drunk on your 21st birthday, but I may or may not have already done that the week prior in the Dominican Republic (ahem). Last minute my mom decided we could at least go out to dinner with close friends and family. So we got all dressed up and went out to one of my favorite places in D.C., Bus Boys and Poets.

Me, tasting my first glass of wine (legally)! It was so good. Very flavorful and tart.

I got my second tattoo on my actual birthday with my good friend Veronica holding my hand the whole time. Man it was rough, I knew the foot was supposed to hurt more than most other places, and it DID! But so worth it. It says "To a Skylark".

Thursday my mom and I snuck away to Pittsburgh for the evening to paint the town. We went out to dinner at this place called NOLA's, the staff was amazing. 

The following morning we went to the Andy Warhol museum and it was to die for! I never wanted to leave! I plan to go back and spend more time in it. So many floors of Andy ahh! Overall it turned out to be a really good birthday. I had plans to return to the apartment for a friend's birthday party, but my car had other plans. It decided to die on me right ear the tolls. So I'm back at my parent's house waiting for it to be drivable again. What's more is my phone went crai on me too, so I'm pretty much in the dark ages and carless. To add insult to injury I'm nursing a sudden case of bronchitis. Boy I know how to celebrate! Maybe all this rush of bad luck is an omen for something or perhaps something amazing is about to happen to me who knows. The good definitely out weighs all the bad!



  1. This is weird because over here in Canada, You only need to be 19 to be legal. Happy birthday girl! I just had mine last week Thursday!

    1. I know and over in Europe you only have to be 18. The states are strange like that haha. Happy birthday to you too!