Saturday, July 21, 2012

SATURDAY DIME: Kay's favorite foods

1.) Tacos...well mexican food in general will do the trick.

2.) Stuffed peppers. They are the easiest meal to make, can be so freaking healthy, and I even wrote a short story titled after them, maybe I'll share some of it with you guys.

3.) Spinach! I must have been the only kid I knew who willingly ate spinach. Anyway I'll take it, cooked, in an omelet, or just as a salad.

4.) Red velvet cupcakes. You won't catch me eating any other kind of sweet, but for some reason I can't resist these.

5.) Everything bagels. There's something about all those different seeds coming together that makes for an amazing and flavorful experience. I love a good bagel sandwich.

6.) Sandwiches. Whether it's a flatbread, wheat bread, bagel, or something fancy I'll take it.

7.) Flatbread peperoni pizza. It's so simple yet so amazing!

8.) Grapefruit. My grandma used to make my cousins and I eat these when were sick, now I eat them whenever I find them!

9.) Chicken and rice soup. Another sick food I cling to.

10.) Macaroni and cheese. My mom can really put her foot in a dish of macaroni and cheese, but sometimes when nothing seems to be going my way I'll by a small frozen box of Stouffers mac & cheese and things don't seem nearly as rough.


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