Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WENSDOM: Home sick?

With summer coming to a close I know some our readers will be headed to college for the first time! It's going to be an exciting time. Amongst all the excitement is going to be a mixture of overwhelming feelings in every variety. I think one of the biggest feelings freshmen fall victim to is homesickness. I know I did in the worst way. I did the dreaded thing you should never do...I went home for a weekend within the first full month. Looking back on my last two years of college I really wouldn't advise doing that. Stick it out for a full month. College moves pretty fast you'll find, you don't want to get left behind and not being around for it is a huge way to find yourself wading around and lonely. It's when we're lonely feeling that feelings of things like homesickness can prey on us. 

To keep the edge off homesickness I would advise calling home weekly to one or two people, texting your friends from high school regularly. Make Skype dates with people. Even go as far to send family and friends letters and cards and have them send you mail in return. The best thing you can do in that first month is to meet people! Establishing friends will not only impact your feelings of loneliness but can also impact your success. If you find a group of people on your campus you care about, you'll start to care about your school, and you'll start to care about staying at your school and doing what you need to do to stay with them. When meeting people don't get discouraged if you find a lot of misses at first, keep an open mind, and don't put all your eggs in one basket.  

Don't worry though, everyone gets homesick, no matter how well they seem to handle it. Everyone from the most intimidating senior to the shy girl in the back of your class. Everyone powers through it. Good luck and have fun!


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