Friday, August 3, 2012

FANCY FRIDAY: Usher uniforms remix!

Phaedra and I both work as ushers for our school's theater. Probably one of the greatest part time jobs I've ever had. I mean it's simple, we get to see awesome events for free, and the hours are ridiculously flexible. We ended up working a lot last year and so washing the usual usher uniform would be hard to do in the dorm if we had to work back to back so we had to get creative with what we wore. Here are three looks we like to do to mix it up! 

Look one is very simple. A nice pair of black slacks, an off white canvas belt, and a simple white sweater. Pretty basic and pretty standard. 

Adding a colored hairpiece like a floral bow or headband and swapping the black flats out with a pair of grey oxfords is the perfect way to chic up the look and add your personal style.

Look two is great if your boss is like yours is like ours and they allow for some serious deviation from the more traditional conservative look. Here we've paired an awesome patterned black and white mini skirt with a cream colored top. A great bow in the hair again brings in that personal style. 

Our final look is for the more professional usher or a really fancy event like the musical festival that was just in town. Adding a blazer to most outfits tends to give the outfit a very nice professional look that isn't over the top. Sticking a flower in your hair again adds that personal touch. So whether you're a theater usher like us or need a strict uniform there are still plenty of ways your personal style can come through.  

~Turtle & Bunny


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