Thursday, August 9, 2012

THURSDIY: Pillow Bow

THURSDIY: Pillow Bows/ Pillow Accents
This is a fun, easy and relatively fast way to bring some color to basic pillows, and to bring color to any room.

1. Scissors
2. Fleece (or any fabric of your choice)
3. Safety Pins (two per bow)

Step 1
Cut the fabric into two large rectangles and two skinnier rectangles. The exact size does not matter, as long as they look relatively the same. See picture below for example.
Step 2
Take one of the larger rectangles and fold the longer edge inwards. This helps to hide the cut and uneven edges of your bow. When using fleece, just press down on the sides of the fabric and it should stay down.

Step 3
This time, take the two shorter edges and fold them inwards so they will fold on top of the longer side edges. 
Step 4
Now just squeeze the middle of the fabric so that it starts to get its bow shape. If any of the creases come undone, just refold them.
Step 5
Take each corner of the bow and fold them towards the middle of the bow that you created. Again, press down on the fabric to that it maintains its shape and that the edges stay in place.
Step 6
Now just take the thinner piece of fabric and place it under the bow shape that you have created.
Step Seven
My favorite part! Take the thinner piece of fabric and tie it around the bow shape so that all corners are tucked inside the knot. Remember to pull tightly so that the fabric is secure, but if it comes undone it's very easy to just stick the corners inside of the knot.

Step 8
Using the safety pins, place them wherever you want on the side of the bow that will not be seen. From my experience, it helps to have both safety pins on the outside of the knot on each side. This helps to keep the bow secure wherever you decide to place it.
All done!
Place the bow wherever you would like. I decided to put it on my pillows because they were just so...plain to me. Plus, I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on getting new pillow shams or pillows when I had fabric available. I'd love to see where you place your bows!
~ Bunny

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