Saturday, August 4, 2012


I can't believe it's August already. I also can't believe school starts back up for us in just three weeks. Upon school starting back up Phaedra and I plan to host a nice back to school party for our friends to kick off the year and show off our new digs. It then dawned on us some of those projects we keep saying we're going to's time to do them! So here is a list of all of our short term apartment goals!

1.) Spice up our entry way hall. We have this great big foyer hallway, and we keep meaning to put some sort of table or shelf in the far corner to create a more welcoming feeling. We'd also like to add a runner of some sort on the floor too. To both protect the floor and give it a nice look.

2.) We have a lovely patio big enough to entertain on! Yet it's not very inviting...yet! We're going to add string lights to the balcony and a tapestry of some sort to the corner.   

3.) We both love flowers and plants and love the bohemian look they can give a space. Plus if we grow the right things we'll be able to feed the harvest to the bunnies and my tortoise! We figure we're going to try and line the patio with plants that will be easy for us to maintain.

4.) In our living room we have a great windowsill, but right now it's pretty blah! So we plan to add something that's decorative and possibly functional like a watering can with flowers in it.

5.) We have so much wall space and since painting is out since this is a lease, we've been brainstorming ideas to still have our personal style come through. We're thinking of adding shelves for Sinatra's cat tower and a custom canvas art to this wall. Stay tuned for DIY about this!

6.) This wall is huge and it's a focal point wall! So we're going to add decorative shelves and place knick knacks on them. 

7.) Kitchen's don't need much because you don't want to fill a highly functional space with impractical decorative things especially if the space is small. But we figured we'd put some sort of picture here just to liven the space up a bit. 

8.) This wall is pretty big and pretty plain. We're not exactly sure what we want to go here...but we'll know when we see it! We're thinking something iron or brass since our kitchen's theme is steampunk!

9.) Phaedra also found a stack of old 45's that we've yet to do anything with. We're thinking we'd hang them up on the wall that's right of the TV in some sort of formation.

10.) We still need to add things to our room to tie in our looks so stayed tuned for updates! 

~Turtle & Bunny


  1. All great goals. I should probably made a few more of my own... Maybe put up curtains or something like that.

  2. Thank you! Yeah, I need curtains for my bedroom asap! Decorating in an apartment is kind of difficult, but it just means more creativity! Are you currently in an apartment?