Sunday, August 19, 2012

SATURDAY DIME: Party Planning!

(Our friends Reanna, Brittni, and Jacki at Brittni's 21st party.)

It's official! Phaedra and I are officially living at our apartment full time now. Upon settling in and putting those finish decorating touches in certain rooms, we had to stop and plan one of the most important functions of our apartment...PARTIES! Now, we love themed parties, and our friends really do too...or they at least humor us and go along with it. So, we sat down and comprised a list of ten ideas we hope to execute over the course of the school year.
  1. Back to School/Open Apartment: The weekend of every semester is always a lot of fun, so we figured we'd start the year off with an awesome back to school get together. And to show off the new digs to our friends.
  2. Halloween Costume Party: I'll take any excuse to be in a costume!
  3. Black Dress party: Little black dress parties always seem so sexy and classy. 
  4. Murder Mystery: Phaedra is a pro at these and we have a lot of friends who would be way into playing a character all night. 
  5. A mustache party: We want to throw a party that is so hipstery it's ridiculous, just for kicks! 
  6. Moving drinking game party: Nothing can top sitting around watching an old comedy or bad horror film and drinking along to it. It's so much to yell at the screen together, laugh, and just be merry! 
  7. Board game party: Sometimes just staying in popping open wine and playing a board game does the trick.
  8. Drinking game party: Basically you take birthday party ice breaker games and add beer. 
  9. Arts and crafts party: Who doesn't love sitting around making fabric flowers and friendship bracelets?! 
  10. Christmas party: It'll be nice to end the semester with a fun Christmas party!
Can't to start posting as we plan!  


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