Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TASTE TEST: Egg sandwich

This is a quick and easy breakfast meal that can be made in a variety of ways. It can made on toast, a biscuit, or like I'm going to show you today, a bagel. All you need is a bagel of your choice, I was recently turned on to the thinly sliced bagels. They're a lot more forgiving in the calorie department and a better value than the standard size because so many come in a pack. Meat of your choice, I've chosen pork sausage patties, because patties make placing on a sandwich a lot easier. And then two eggs and shredded cheese.

First, you'll want to cook your meat in the skillet. Once the meat is prepared move it aside and then scramble your eggs. As the eggs start to cook, add a pinch of salt and pepper before sprinkling a handful of shredded cheese. Then scramble them up. I really like to scramble them hard when it comes to making a sandwich, some people like them a little runny. Move the eggs aside once they're cooked, they tend to cook really fast. Pop your thin bagel in the toaster, on a much lower setting than you would a normal bagel. 

Once the toast is ready, spread some butter and then combine everything, eggs on the first followed by the sausage. 

Then, enjoy! 



  1. Egg in sandwiches grosses me out- I can't eat it! Everyone always raves about the breakfast panini in work but I can't bring myself to try it because it has egg inside. Yet I have no issues with a yummy croque madame. Weird quirk I suppose. x

  2. Haha it's all good! Yeah there are just those things about us that we can't get past, like I really don't like eating pears. And I also don't like banana flavored things but I like bananas.