Monday, August 6, 2012

K-Drama & Me

Over the past few months, I have gained a recent obsession over K-Dramas, or Korean-Dramas. I'm a huge anime fan, and I've poked around the Japanese drama circuit, but it was all too cheesy for me. I didn't even know K-Dramas were a thing until my Korean friend, Ji showed it to me. It blew my mind.

The first K-Drama I saw was called 49 Days, it was probably one of the most amazing television shows I've ever seen and I think it's because the show masters the craft of keeping my attention. The plot lines are so different, and there is always this cool supernatural twist. Other Dramas I've seen include S-Scandal, City Hunter and I'm currently watching Queen Seon Duk which is blowing my mind.

Watching the dramas really inspires me for when I create crocheted plushies, or when I make anything. The use of vibrant colors and child-like storytelling in a dark setting has been something that's always interested me.
 You really should check it out if you have never tried it. It's a great way to pass the time and an important method of cross cultural communication. Plus, the characters are so easy to get attached to and each series is only 20 episodes long.

I like being able to transport myself to another world that I'm not familiar with. The worlds inside of K-dramas are something that I'm not used to at all, and that makes each episode and refreshing because it's entertainment from a completely different world.

~ Bunny

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