Saturday, June 30, 2012

SATURDAY DIME: What Kay loves about summer

I'm so lucky that I live in Maryland, because I'm close enough to three major cities, New York City, Philadelphia (and Pittsburgh for that matter), and Washington D.C. I try to make as much use of them as possible! During the summer I love kicking it in D.C. with my friends or a fancy lunch with my mother.

At the end of summer, all those amazing clothes I spent the better half of the season drooling over go on sale! Just in time for the school year.

This one is pretty obvious, my birthday falls on July 17th! 

Nothing beats the refreshing chill of a nice glass of ice water, but I also love drinking ice cold fruity drinks and sun teas!

Getting to the beach! 

Because I'm away at college for so long during the fall and winter, I get to catch up with friends that I don't normally see! The gal on the right is my good friend Joan who moved to Arizona. 

I get to take the lovely Perry outside, which he loves. The world is so  big to him, it's so neat watching him crawl around and discover.

Just being outside in general. There's a really nice lake near my house that I enjoy walking around on summer evenings.

Kicking it at the pool! I found an amazing swimsuit last year.

Family vacations. This photo was snapped last year in Napa Valley, CA. I always try and bring back a souvenir or two.

~ Turtle

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