Sunday, June 24, 2012

The adventure begins...

We’re Kay and Phaedra, 20-something college juniors, at a small liberal arts college in a sleepy coastal town. We love it here. In fact, we love it here so much, we decided to get an apartment near our school. Upon moving in together, it dawned on us that we aren’t the only ones standing in this place—young, black girls, testing the waters of independent living for the first time—and that it would be really helpful and really awesome if there was a source to help us wade through the alluring yet confusing waters of independence. So, The Adventures of Bunny and Turtle were born. Welcome to our blog! We’ll be posting daily on multiple topics ranging from DIY crafts, first time apartment life, college ups and downs, fashion, hair, recipes, and keeping pets happy on a dime. Here we hope you find things that inspire you, move you, and of course entertain you. It's going to be one exciting ride so we hope you stick around. 

~Turtle Bunny  

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